Rainin Pipettes and Tips

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Manual Pipettes Whether you need a basic pipette or one that is state-of-th-art, Rainin pipettes are the choice of leading labs around the world.
Electronic Pipettes Large color screens and joystick control make E4 XLS+ electronic pipettes exceptionally flexible, feature rich and user friendly.
High-throughput Pipetting Rainin's renowned accuracy and precision, now in two 96-well manual pipettors. Great for dispensing, replicating, filling washing and mxing plates.
Pipette Tips Guaranteed to be free of bio-active components and external contaminates like DNA, DNase, RNase, ATP, pyrogens and PCR inhibitors.
Sample Prepatation Tips PureSpeed's unique "resin in a tip" design offers a convenient, low-cost and semi-automated method for purifying biomolecules.
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